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What is Stewards of New Earth?

Stewards of New Earth is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members. 

Stewards of New Earth is a global co-creation platform of heart-centered individuals, projects and businesses driven by the belief of creating a new paradigm that puts love into action. This network is based on community, compassion and sovereignty. Because we believe that we grow individually and evolve collectively.

The best time is NOW! When everything is breaking down and falling apart and we find ourselves in the unknown there is a tremendous amount of energy set free that just waits to be transformed into new creations. Your commitment to birth a better future into reality is needed now. So if you have this dream to really make a difference in the collective field and you feel this inner determination to stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution, wait no longer and join us. You are needed now. We are needed now. Not as some kind of superior saviors but as conscious sovereign human beings who are dedicated to evolve together into a new way of being, a new way of living in community nd co-creation.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.

I can hear her. Can you? Let’s get ready to co-create.


Who Stewards of New Earth is NOT for...

This is not your ideal playground if:
⚡ you aren't ready to connect and be vulnerable
⚡ you are just looking for shurt-cuts or a magic formula for leading the new way without engaging deeply in the revolutionary journey
⚡ you want to fit in with the norm and walk along the masses
⚡ you wait until someone else takes action or blame the universe for not dealing with your sh**
⚡ you get easily offended when it comes to thought-provoking, controversial conversations

Then who IS Stewards of New Earth for? 

It takes courage, it takes integrity and it takes bold aligned action to be the movement of the New Paradigm
Join us & be a part of the movement if:
💥 you are ready for an open, heart-centred connection and transformational co-creation journey with heart-minded souls aka Stewards of New Earth
💥 you are interested in new ways of living together - intentional community, cohousing, coworking, coliving...
💥 you deeply care about Mother Earth and seek inspiration and guidance when it comes to a circular economy, permaculture and a regenerative way of living
💥 you are willing to support others, share your knowledge and intentions in a respectful and mindful way
💥 you are excited to meet other souls from all over the world with an open heart and you can't wait to step into future timelines of personal and communal transformation
💥 you get fired up unleashing your unique potential to create something that has never existed before

Why should you join Stewards of New Earth:

By joining this sacred community portal you...
  1. Meet like-hearted, New Earth co-creators who are looking to joining or building a community in different parts of the world
  2. Learn more about the different forms of communities such as coliving, cohousing, intentional community
  3. Connect, exchange, inspire and collaborate around our shared mission and receive wisdom nuggets from people who already walk the talk

About the founder

I'm Anna and I believe in the power of heart-centerd collective intelligence to shift planetary consciousness while growing individually and evolving collectively.

║ I'm a New Earth cheerleader, collaboration and connection catalyst

║ Cosmic & New Earth Evolution, Heart Centered Sovereign Creation, Intentional Community, this is the realm I play in!

║ My mantra: When you know better you have to do better!

║ My non-negotionables: Magic, Sunshine & Brownies

║ Leo Sun, Aquarius Rising, Aries Moon

Membership Options

I know it already looks pretty juicy from the outside, but trust me the ⫷HELL YEAH ⫸  you will feel once you're inside ;)

To apply to join Stewards of New Earth as a Founding Member,

click the REQUEST TO JOIN button on the very top and let me know what drives your intention of being a member!

I am beyond happy you are here - make your move! 💪 

See you on the bright side, leaving a legacy for the generations to come making it fun along the way!


Anna 🌻 


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